RCC is committed to providing prevention and safety programs to all ages. Contact us for more information on how you can schedule a program for your high school, college health classes or workplace. Programs are also provided year round at no charge to those who attend.


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ABC's of Bullyng

This three session program addresses the following questions: What is the problem? Why should I care? What can I do about it? Each grade lesson is different, but contains the essential three concepts regarding bullying that students must understand in order for the Attitude and Behavior to Change.

Time commitment: Lessons are 40-50 minutes in Grade 6-8.

Digital Citizenship

This multi-session curriculum is designed to empower students to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibility in our digital world. 

Time commitment: Lessons are 45 minutes in Grade 6-8.

Safer, Smarter Teens : Personal Power

This six session curriculum teaches students how to recognize danger and how to use their personal power to say "no,"get help and set boundaries. Middle school students learn about the warning signs of unsafe situations and what actions they can take to reduce risks, stay safe, and access help. Time commitment: Lessons are 40-50 minutes.

Sexual Bullying/Harassment Prevention
Sexual bullying is a significant issue for all children and young people. Our two session Sexual Harrasment Prevention program attempts to provide students with information about sexual harassment in order to reduce the incidence of sexual harassment, encourage students experiencing sxual harassment to get help by reporting to adults, promote respectful behaviors with peers and help friends experiencing sexual harassment. 

Time commitment: Lessons are 45 minutes in Grade 6-8.

Single Session Presentations 

Prevention by RCC will now offer single session programming utilizing lessons from the Rights, Respect, and Responsibility K-12 curriculum. 

Rights, Respect, Responsibility is a collection of lesson plans on a wide range of topics including: self-understanding, family, growth, and development, friendship gender roles, life skills, and health promotion. Its lessons are age-appropriate, beginning with basic lessons and introducing more complex concepts as students age. A list of grade appropriate topics and session objectives are available upon request.

Time commitment: Lessons are 50 minutes in Grades 6-8.

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For more information, e-mail prevention@rccsav.org or call (912) 233-3000.