Fact: The crime of rape is committed against both men and women.

Statistics reflect that one in eleven men are sexually assaulted.

Fact: The sexual orientation of victims does not "cause" their rape.

If you are a male victim of rape or sodomy, you may feel alone. Many people believe that sexual assault is a women's issue; therefore, the shock of the assault you have experienced may be very upsetting and difficult to accept.

You have done nothing that justifies this violent attack. The assault has nothing to do with your present or future sexual orientation. The myth that male rape involves homosexuality may affect the way you are treated by medical personnel, law enforcement officers, friends, and family members.

Societal beliefs and your own confusion concerning your assault may also affect the way you feel about yourself. It is possible you will need special support. You can call the 24-hour crisis hotline anonymously to discuss your concerns and feelings (912) 233-7273.

You may experience some of the same emotions and feelings that female survivors have; however, there are special issues that may be different for you, including:

  • Sexuality/ Masculinity

  • Medical Procedures

  • Reporting to Law Enforcement

  • Telling Others

  • Finding Resources and Support

It is important for you to know that the Rape Crisis Center offers support services to both men and women. The pain you are experiencing is real, and you do not have to face this pain alone.