RCC is committed to providing prevention and safety programs to all ages. Contact us for more information on how you can schedule a program for your high school, college health classes or workplace. Programs are also provided year round at no charge to those who attend.


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Safe Boundaries: Healthy Relationships Education

This ten-session curriculum is designed to target high school students, which is the age group most at risk of being victims or perpetrators of dating violence and sexual assault. The program deals with attitudes and behaviors associated with dating abuse and violence. Topics include defining caring relationships, defining dating abuse, why people abuse, how to help friends, overcoming gender stereotypes, communication skills for resolving conflict, and preventing dating sexual abuse. 

Time commitment: Lessons are 50 minutes in Grade 9-12.

Digital Citizenship

This multi-session curriculum is designed to empower students to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibility in our digital world. 

Time commitment: Lessons are 45 minutes in Grade 9-12.

Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP)

This three to five session program is designed to train male and female high school students to use their status to speak out against sexual violence, dating violence, sexual harassment, bullying, and all forms of violent and abusive behavior. The heart of the MVP model utilizes real life scenarios that stimulate discussion about ways to intervene before, during and after instances of harassing or abusive behavior.

Time commitment: Lessons are approximately 45 minutes. 

Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE)

SAVE is a peer to peer organization that strives to increase youth involvement in their own safety efforts. SAVE is a unique and powerful approach to youth safety because it recognizes the role that young people can take in making schools and communities safer. SAVE members will take the lead in planning chapter activities by using the 3 SAVE Essential Elements of conducting crime prevention and conflict management activities, as well as providing meaningful service through projects in schools and communities. Time commitment: Meetings are approximately 45 minutes.

Sexual Bullying/Harassment Prevention
Sexual bullying is a significant issue for all children and young people. Our two session Sexual Harassment Prevention program attempts to provide students with information about sexual harassment in order to reduce the incidence of sexual harassment, encourage students experiencing sexual harassment to get help by reporting to adults, promote respectful behaviors with peers and help friends experiencing sexual harassment. 

Time commitment: Lessons are 45 minutes in Grade 9-12.

Senior Send-Off

College students are one of the most vulnerable age groups for sexual assault and the first six weeks of college are considered a "red zone" for incoming freshmen when it comes to rape. Prevention by RCC desires to send every senior in your school off with the invaluable gift of knowledge. What will students learn?

Objectives for Day 1:

- Address myths and facts of sexual violence. 

- Identify the range of sexually violent behaviors.

- Negative feelings and consequences of sexual violence. 

- Recognizing that sexual violence is never the victim's fault. 


Objectives for Day 2:

- Definition of consent and coercion and distinctions between. 

- Examine ways to communicate "no" concerning sexual activity and behaviors. 

Objectives for Day 3:

- Information on drug-facilitated sexual assault. 

- Vulnerabilities alcohol and drugs promote. 

- Laws regarding sexually violent behavior. 

- Risk reduction strategies concerning alcohol, drugs and sexual violence. 

Time commitment: Each days lesson is 40-45 minutes. 

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For more information, e-mail prevention@rccsav.org or call (912) 233-3000.