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Donations to the Rape Crisis Center help us provide the following services:


Staff and volunteer support for survivors 24/7/365 through our crisis phone line and in-person response to the hospital to support survivors who choose a rape kit (SANE exam). RCC also provides the Sexual Assault Nurse examination program which trains nurses specialized to collect rape kits.

Legal Support

Support for survivors who choose to go through the legal system, all in coordination with the Chatham County Sexual Assault Response Team.


individual counseling, support groups, Camp Thrive empowerment camp for young women, and empowerment-based self-defense classes.


Stopping sexual violence before it happens by promoting norms of consent and safety for all through the delivery of education, health promotion and awareness activities.


Prevention education for schools and community groups on topics such as body safety, internet safety, healthy relationships and bullying prevention.

Your contribution helps us serve our community!

Thank you for sharing your resources with us.