Our staff understands the mental and emotional impact sexual assault may have on an individual and the journey from victim to survivor can be difficult to navigate on your own.  Whether it’s a few days after the abuse or years after—whether the assault happened locally or outside of the country—we’re here to help. We offer free, confidential counseling services to survivors of sexual violence and anyone else who has been impacted, including survivors’ non-offending acquaintances, friends, family and partners. Our goal is to help clients heal from issues stemming from the trauma of sexual violence, cope with the immediate crisis and regain a sense of control and trust.

Counseling appointments are made by calling our office at 912-233-3000 to speak with our counselor. If you have already made an appointment click the link below to fill out and digitally sign the consent forms. The counselor will review them with you at the start of your intake session.


Click the link below to enter the digital waiting room if you have a scheduled tele-mental health appointment with our counselor.