WE serve adults who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse and incest


One out of three females and one out of five males will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. Half of those by the time they are 12 years old!


The term "childhood sexual abuse" refers to sexual contact between a child and an individual in a position of power and authority. "Incest" refers to the sexual abuse of a child by a parental figure such as a father, mother, aunt, uncle, stepparent, or sibling. Childhood sexual abuse is a particularly devastating exploitation of children because it is the betrayal of a primary trust. Both men and women can be survivors of childhood sexual abuse or incest.


Some people realize they are survivors of either childhood sexual abuse or incest. Some people have never called the abuse by name or put a label on the abuse. Some adults don't remember the abuse until many years after it happened. Counseling is very important for each of these people. Survivors of childhood sexual abuse and incest need a way to vent their feelings and emotions. They need a way to find the healing journey.


The Rape Crisis Center offers crisis intervention and support groups for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and incest. Even if you are in counseling already, you may find that you need to spend time with someone who has prior experience working with survivors of childhood sexual assault and who is comfortable with the issues specific to your recovery process.


Many survivors of childhood sexual abuse feel that being part of a support group is an important part of their healing process. The group offered at the Rape Crisis Center consists of 12 sessions (not to be confused with a 12-step program), taking 13 weeks. The group is structured allowing for much healing to occur and is offered for both men and women.

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